Thursday, June 10, 2010


This performance work will take place atop a bicycle. By biking an average of 60 mile per day, not including the stops to give lectures, actual riding days should be approximately 60 days. I am hand building the bicycle trailer out of bamboo, steel and sheet aluminum.

The hand built trailer acts as a symbol of sovereignty. The intentions of having a presence in Afghanistan may be seen a to assist the country in achieving self-determination or sovereignty, among other reasons.

The contrast between the bamboo and the sleek, shiny aluminum in the trailer is intended to act as a device to spark natural public curiosity, being a functional sculptural prop to encourage a discourse to take place. It i my aim to construct a situation for an organic conversation to occur, rather than act in an aggressive journalistic type manner, although I will be initiating dialogues when deemed appropriate.

A modest banner has been made and will be placed at places of rest. This is to indicate the project's presence and desire for public involvement, assisting in dialogue initiation.

Discourse with project participants will be documented in accordance with their level of desire for anonymity. Methods of documentation will include: digital video, digital audio, digital photography and hand written notes. The documentation of the interactions will be included in the presentation of the project's completion, included in the project blog, and in lectures given while in route.

Camping will be the primary method for lodging throughout TFBD. The equipment taken on this trip will be: water, essential camping equipment, documentation equipment as well as bicycle repair and maintenance equipment. I have contacted the National Parks Service regarding a generous consideration of a free pass for this project.....keeping my fingers crossed.

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